Brad Feilberg has been intimately involved with the workings of the city of Monroe since 1985. Although Brad began his education in geology, receiving a bachelor of science from the University of Washington and doing graduate work at the University of New Mexico, he changed his focus to engineering and returned to Seattle.

While working toward his bachelor of science in civil engineering at the University of Washington, Brad interned with the city of Monroe, assisting with mapping the sewer system.  After graduation, he was hired as the assistant engineer. He went on to earn his Professional Engineer license in 1991, and was promoted to city engineer. Brad has also held the position of operations director and, for one year, was the finance director for the city.

Currently, Brad is the public works director. His position encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, which fall primarily into five categories; construction documentation, operations and maintenance, design and construction, waste water treatment, and emergency management.

Brad, along with his staff, reviews documentation that supports construction projects and grants, designs new projects for the city, such as sidewalks and streets, and reviews construction plans when the city contracts with private companies. Brad also supervises maintenance projects, such as fixing potholes and cleaning sewer drains. He also manages the city’s wastewater treatment plant. 

In 2009, Brad earned a master’s degree with honors in emergency and disaster management. He uses his knowledge to plan for the continuity of city government in the event of an emergency, as well as assessing the risks to our most vulnerable residents, and proposes safe-haven options. As a member of the board of directors for the local Red Cross, Brad’s interest is to raise awareness of the mission of the organization, to assist in fundraising, support the Red Cross’s efforts to provide smoke detectors to low-income families, and to coordinate with other agencies that offer cold weather shelter for the homeless.

Besides being an integral part of making Monroe work, Brad has been an active volunteer since moving to the area.

In 1989, the fire chief invited him to become a volunteer firefighter, which he did for 12 years, and was awarded the Golden Ax Award for his service to the community. Brad recounts stories of responding to the two big fires in downtown, rescues when the river flooded, a massive gas explosion and a train derailment. His valuable experiences are put to use in his professional capacity in city planning and emergency management.

In his spare time, Brad acted with the local theater, then called Take a Bow Productions. He appeared in many plays and musicals, including “West Side Story,” “The Fantastiks,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “Anne Frank,” “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” “God Spell” and “Fiddler on the Roof.”

Brad continues to support Sky Performing Arts as their sound and light operator. A little known fact about Brad is that during “Fiddler on the Roof,” he played the roles of monk, a Russian and as a stage hand carrying an actor off stage. At one point, he fell and broke his elbow, but stayed with it and finished the play! That’s dedication.

Brad volunteers his time and expertise as a photographer to the chamber of commerce, and occasionally for city hall. He is also a team leader for his church.

In 1991, Brad purchased a home with acreage on Wagner Road. A year ago, he invited his parents to move in with him. This multitalented, caring person is now remodeling his home to accommodate his extended family.

Having been around for a few years, Brad has seen a lot of changes. He reflects that the persona of Monroe has developed from an independent rural community to a small suburban city, which provides homes not only for those who work locally, but also for many who commute to other cities in the area. This growth from a population of 2,900 when he moved here, to the current 18,000 has brought many changes, some positive and some challenging as well.

“We have more stores, a theater and greater employment opportunities,” he says, “as well as traffic congestion.” But overall, Brad is pleased with the city’s progress and potential future.  “My passion, if you could call it that, is to assure that Monroe is a welcoming place with many activities that support the community.”

If you get a chance, thank Brad for his contributions to the development and welfare of our fair city.