Youth vie for the rubber bracelets tossed by “Mr. Dizzy.”
Youth vie for the rubber bracelets tossed by “Mr. Dizzy.”

Nine-year-old Judah Graumann peeked at the message written on the rubber bracelet he caught from local daredevil Mike “Mr. Dizzy” Buse.

“Always wear your helmet.”

That advice was received right after the boy had watched the world-record holder and entertainer light himself on fire Thursday.

Graumann was surrounded by dozens of his peers also attending The Rock Church’s summer camp for sixth- through 12th-graders. Many gasped, many cheered and a few clutched their faces in awe.

Mr. Dizzy spent a good minute engulfed in flames before his crew put him out. The stunt was filmed by a drone and with handheld cameras.

The church hosts the three-day camp every year.

The theme this time around was “One Wild Summer,” said Loraine Corneilson, TRC’s director for elementary-age youth. She said it was important for the kids to see Mr. Dizzy’s demonstration. It goes along with last week’s Bible lessons, one of which is “Jesus makes me strong,” she said.

The idea was to show the group how they can harness their own strength and spread it to those around them, Corneilson said. All they need is one spark to ignite their inner power to spread it “like wildfire,” she said. 

TRC pastors Jeff and Melinda Knight put on the camp, said Suz Greiert, the church’s director for preschool-age youth. It is a special place to gather where the younger kids get to experience teachings from the Bible with their older peers, which can be a transformative experience. It is also about having some fun, she said.

“Our prayer for your child is that they will have a real encounter with God that will impact the rest of their life,” according to TRC. “Your child will make friends that will last forever, and create memories that will have them smiling all day long.”