Police are still searching for those responsible for a break-in at The Lot used-car dealership in Monroe last weekend. About $1,000 in damage was done to the front door of the offices, but ultimately nothing was taken. An owner believes the alleged burglar was attempting to steal a vehicle.

The business was broken into sometime before 11:30 a.m. Sunday morning, Nov.12, according to a Monroe Police report. Officers arrived at the site just off U.S. Highway 2, near where it intersects with North Lewis Street, shortly after.

“We just feel a little violated by it,” said co-owner Jared Voekler.

He told officers he had received a phone call that the front door to the office looked shattered, according to the MPD report. Voekler said it was actually a customer of theirs that had seen the damage and pulled over in the lot to alert him and co-owner Robb Russell.

They found glass covering the ground and a jar of keys had been searched through. It didn’t contain any keys that go to the cars on the lot, which is likely why none were taken, Voekler said. The container only had spare, old keys from vehicles that were already sold, he said.

Voekler said he is certain that taking a car is what the party was after. Nothing from the business was missing, according to the report.

Officers are reviewing surveillance footage, according to the report. Voekler said his business doesn’t have cameras, but the surrounding buildings and one across the street do, so it is likely there will be video of whoever it was that broke in.

He said the business has been operating in Monroe for about eight years. Other than gas being stolen a few times, they have never had a problem with theft. Still, they don’t keep the keys to the lot’s cars in the office in case the worst happens, Voekler said.