The resurfacing project took about a week to complete.
The resurfacing project took about a week to complete.

Evergreen Speedway's historic 3/8-mile racetrack has been resurfaced for the first time in decades.

The route is the facility's most heavily used, with the course accounting for about 80 percent of scheduled events, said public relations director Jeremy Anders. The project was part of owners Doug and Traci Hobbs' plan to revive the struggling facility, he said.

"Since we took over the track in March of 2011, we’ve had a series of one-year, three-year and five-year projects. The 3/8 track has been on that list from the beginning. To accomplish a complete restoration project of the entire track has taken a lot of time, money and effort to do a top-notch job,” said High Road Promotions president Doug Hobbs in a news release.

Anders said the track was built in the early 1970s. It is one of seven at the Evergreen Speedway, which is the only NASCAR facility in Washington. Aside from races, the military has held trainings, and local law enforcement agencies and car companies, such as Audi, have tested vehicles on the route, he said.

The 3/8-mile track is one of the most versatile in the country, Anders said. It is used year round, which is uncommon. The new surface will impact other motorsports activities, including drag racing, autocross and drift events, according to the release.

The overhaul has received a fair amount of attention throughout the industry's community, according to the release.

“The outpour of enthusiasm from Northwest drivers and teams has been amazing. Blend this with the tremendous car counts we already have, and I think 2018 is sizing up to be our best year yet,” according to Hobbs.

Anders said it took about a week to complete the repaving. The work started on Oct. 22. In addition to the resurfacing, drainage repairs were made throughout the circuit. In years past, parts of the roadway have sat under a few feet of water during the rainy season, he said.

“It was a massive project money-wise,” Anders said.

Most likely, it would not have been completed without support from the Snohomish County Tourism Promotion Area, according to Hobbs. The agency's grant program aims to fill more hotel beds in the area, according to the TPA.

Anders said funds from sponsors, other grants and money Traci and Doug paid out-of-pocket helped pay off the more than $300,000 price tag. It all finally came together in 2017, after talks began about three years ago, he said.

Racetracks take different pressure loads from vehicles that a regular roadway would, Anders said. So, Traci and Doug worked with an Everett-based paving contractor. Anders said Granite Construction Company was able to develop the right compound for construction.

While safety wasn't previously a concern, improvements for drivers will be a natural result of the work, he said. Banking on the repaved track was raised from 10 to 12 degrees in the middle of the turns, and is now evenly progressive, according to the release. On the 5/8-mile track, which was built in the 1960s, drivers will have a new front stretch to navigate, as well as a new entry into Turn 1, and a bump was removed in Turn 4.

New box suites above the grandstands, a front stretch catch fence, more paved parking areas in the pits and upgrades to grandstand restrooms are also on the Hobbs' list of future projects, according to the release. They are also trying to bring back the Camping World Truck Series.

The first showing of the new track will be Saturday, Nov. 4, during an Evergreen Drift open event, according to the release. Autocross will “hit the new surface on Sunday.” Opening night for the 2018 NASCAR season is scheduled for March 31.

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