Monroe and Sultan district schools followed protocol in response to potential threats last week, both of which were found to not be credible.

A Frank Wagner Elementary student said last Wednesday morning they saw “a suspicious person in a parked car on their way to school and thought they saw a weapon,” according to a news release from the Monroe School District. The school and Sky Valley Education Center, which is less than a half mile from Frank Wagner, were put in a brief lockout around 8:40 a.m. on Feb. 21. It was lifted 35 minutes later.

Monroe Police responded and found there was no threat.

They found a person in a car with a pocketknife, but there was no intent to harm any students.

“We are thankful our students were not in real danger at any time,” according to the school district. “Yet, in this time of heightened sensitivity to school violence, we believe this incident presents an important opportunity to review the district’s emergency procedures. A lockout is put in place when there is a perceived danger outside the building.”

The incident came just less than a month after a student brought an air soft gun to the school and exactly a week after 17 students and staff were killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Snohomish High School received a violent threat, directed toward a particular person, on Wednesday, Feb. 21. The Snohomish School District reported the FBI investigated the threat, and later that night announced it was safe to send students to school on Thursday.

“After speaking with law enforcement it was determined that this is an internet ‘bot’ message that has been sent internationally and nationally and has no merit,” according to the Snohomish School District. “There is no student enrolled who has the name listed on this account.”

Sultan High School was put in a modified lockdown Thursday as a preventative measure, according to SSD. All exterior doors were locked, the presence of law enforcement was increased, and adults were more visible in hallways.

“It is not believed to be credible,” according to SSD. “The exact same message has been received at schools with “SHS” across the country. This message has now been received at Sultan High School as kids are forwarding it on social media.”

Both Sky Valley school districts thanked those who were diligent in reporting their concerns.  MSD parents were reminded that an influx of visitors during an emergency can hamper police efforts and may increase the danger.

“In the case of a real emergency, it is imperative that families remain clear of a building potentially involved in an emergency situation,” according to MSD. “The district will notify parents and guardians via the district website, Family Access, text message, robocall and/or social media channels of a central meeting location where reunification, support and information can be provided in as timely a fashion as possible.”