Courtesy Element 5 via Unsplash
Courtesy Element 5 via Unsplash

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Early returns in Tuesday's general election show the incumbents running for City Council re-election are favored to do so if everything holds. 

In the City Council Position 1 race, Kevin Hanford is the early winner, garnering 1,178 votes to opponent Amber Mehta's 397 votes, as of Tuesday night. In the much closer Council Position 7 race, Kirk Scarboro has a closer lead over opponent Jacob Walter, 845 to 756 votes respectively. 

Monroe School Board incumbent Jeremiah Campbell is holding steady over opponent Brian Saulsman, 2,531-2,280, respectively, in the Director District 1 race. In the Director District 3 race to replace Mary Reule is leading over Molly Barnes to replace Darcy Cheesman. In the other contested School Board race, to fill the Director District 4 seat currently held by Jim Langston, Sarah Johnson has a small lead over Janine Burkhardt, 2,499-2,297. 

As well, early results indicate voters support the Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue levy to restore regular property taxes to a level of $1.50 per $1,000 assessed value for fire protection and emergency medical services. Currently, property owners pay $1.25 per $1,000 assessed value.

At the county level, Snohomish County District 5 incumbent Sam Low is likely to retain his seat following a challenge by Brandy Donaghy. Low was leading Tuesday night with 13,265 votes to Donaghy's 9,057. 

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Nov. 2 General Election results as of 8 p.m.

• Denotes Incumbent


City of Monroe

City Council Position 1

• Kevin Hanford: 1,178 Votes, 74.46 Percent

Amber Mehta: 397 Votes, 25.09 Percent


City Council Position 7

• Kirk Scarboro: 845 Votes, 52.62 Percent

Jacob Walker: 756 Votes, 47.07 Percent


Monroe School District No. 103

Director District 1

• Jeremiah Campbell: 2,531 Votes, 52.29 Percent

Brian Saulsman: 2,280 Votes, 47.11 Percent


Director District 3 

Mary Reule: 2,519 Votes, 51,52 Percent

Molly Barnes: 2,348 Votes, 48.03 Percent


Director District 4 

Sarah Johnson: 2,499 Votes, 51.8 Percent

Janine Burkhardt: 2,297 Votes, 47.62 Percent


Snohomish Regional Fire & Rescue Proposition No. 1: Restoring Property tax levy for fire and emergency medical services 

Approved: 9,821 Votes, 57.05 Percent

Rejected: 7,395 Votes, 42.95 Percent


Snohomish County Public Hospital District No. 1

Commissioner-at-Large 4

• Charles R. Strub: 11,140 Votes, 83.2 Percent

Robert Krogh: 2,122 Votes, 15.85 Percent


Snohomish County

Council District 5

• Sam Low: 13,265 Votes, 59.38 Percent

Brandy Donaghy: 9,057 Votes, 40.54 Percent


Washington State

Advisory Vote No. 36: Behavioral health crisis response and suicide prevention tax

Repealed: 571,712 Votes, 56.29 Percent

Maintained: 444,007 Votes, 43.71 Percent


Advisory Vote No. 37: 7 percent tax on capital gains in excess of $250,000

Repealed: 639,966 Votes, 62.79 Percent

Maintained: 379,294 Votes, 37.21 Percent


Advisory Vote No. 38: Tax on captive insurers

Repealed: 590,707 Votes, 59.08 Percent

Maintained: 409,057 Votes, 40.92 Percent