Kristie and Dave Bray are the wife-husband team running Monroe’s new John L. Scott branch.

They say raising three kids in the Sky Valley was their biggest venture together, but opening the franchise will also be on their short list. Previously, the couple ran Bray Realty LLC, now Bray Property Management. The business operated in downtown Monroe for 15 years.

Dave Bray said he is looking forward to the next stage.

The couple will still run their former company, but only to manage their rental properties. Dave Bray said they decided to make a change because of a recent loss in the family. The Bellevue-based real estate company was appealing to him because of its emphasis on family — J. Lennox Scott is a third-generation CEO.

Kristie and Dave met in high school in their home state of California. They are licensed brokers, who know where they can each put in their best effort.

Kristie works most closely with the buyers, and Dave with the sellers. With that model, they say they are able to do much more for their clients, and each prefers their respective roles, they said.

“It’s fun to see when they walk into the home that is ‘The One,’ and know it’s ‘The One,’” Kristie Bray said.

As they balanced work and raising a family together, the Brays would try to be as involved in their kids’ activities as they could. Dave Bray was a coach, and they supported their children’s involvement in local organizations like the YMCA and Monroe Boys and Girls Clubs throughout the years.

John L. Scott also encourages community engagement of its franchise managers, Dave Bray said. Kristie said in the near future they plan to announce an open house and fundraiser, the donations from which will go to children’s hospitals, which are a focus of the real estate company.

The couple also hopes to leverage their skills and position to mentor up-and-coming brokers, those who are less experienced, but passionate about the industry, as well as hiring from a local pool — the people who know the area and how best to meet the needs of their customers.

They offer discounted licensing training through a new partnership with the region’s Rockwell Realty, where they both learned the business. Having a wide range of age groups also adds an array of skills to the team, Dave Bray said. Kristie said she enjoys seeing that excitement and fresh outlook in the employees who are just getting their careers started.