This short writeup and accompanying photo were submitted by Carol Felix, daughter of Elizabeth Lang-Knox-Hutchins.

Elizabeth Lang-Knox-Hutchins turned 104 years old on May 14.

She is the last living member of Frank and Marie Lang’s family of 12 children. Elizabeth moved to Monroe from North Dakota in 1934 with her husband, Clyde Knox.

Elizabeth has always been known by family and friends for keeping in touch by visiting, making phone calls or writing letters; by her generous hospitality and of course, her awesome sweet bread rolls. Elizabeth enjoys life—she loves people and seems to never meet a stranger. She has always enjoyed dancing—especially the Saturday night barn dances in North Dakota.

She and her second husband, Clyde Hutchins, enjoyed traveling with their Airstream trailer all around the states and attended many Airstream rallies in the U.S. and Canada.

She attributes her long life to a cup of black coffee for breakfast every day and those Saturday night barn dances.