What Happened to Frank on American Pickers – Here’s What We Know

“American Pickers,” the popular antiquing reality show, captured the hearts of millions with its unique blend of history, humor, and the fascinating interplay between its hosts, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz.

This duo’s camaraderie and their knack for finding hidden treasures in the most unexpected places made the show a must-watch.

However, fans were left puzzled and concerned when Frank Fritz, a pivotal part of the show, suddenly vanished from the screen.

Today, I will discuss the journey of Frank Fritz, revealing the truth behind his departure from “American Pickers.”

Key takeaways:

  • Frank Fritz’s Departure from “American Pickers”: Learn why Frank Fritz left the show, primarily due to health issues and other underlying factors like financial troubles and strained relationships.
  • Impact on the Show and Fans: Explore how Frank’s absence affected “American Pickers” and the fan reaction to his departure, highlighting his significant role and popularity.
  • Health Challenges and Personal Struggles: Learn about Frank’s serious health concerns, including a stroke, and the resulting financial and personal difficulties he faced.
  • Frank and Mike Wolfe’s Relationship Dynamics: Gain insight into the changing dynamics between Frank Fritz and co-host Mike Wolfe, including their reconciliation efforts.
  • Frank’s Legacy and Current Status: Discover the lasting impact Frank had on “American Pickers,” his current health status, and his enduring positive spirit amidst adversity.

The Early Signs: Frank’s Leave of Absence

Why Did Frank Leave American Pickers

In early 2020, fans noticed Fritz’s absence from the show. It was later revealed that he took a voluntary leave due to health issues, including severe back problems.

This was the first sign that all was not well with one of the show’s most beloved figures.


  • Voluntary leave in early 2020
  • Health issues, specifically back problems

The Rumor Mill and Confirmation of Departure

By July 2021, rumors about Frank’s permanent exit from the show started circulating.

These speculations were fueled by his ongoing health issues and various controversies surrounding him.

Finally, in the same month, Mike Wolfe confirmed that Frank would not be returning to “American Pickers.”


  • Rumors in July 2021
  • Mike Wolfe’s confirmation of Frank’s departure

Danielle’s Concerns and Fritz’s Criticism

What Happened to Danielle From American Pickers

Danielle Colby, another prominent cast member, expressed her concerns about Frank’s behavior and health in August 2021.

This was a significant moment, as it gave fans a glimpse into the possible tensions behind the scenes.

Additionally, Fritz’s public comments became less friendly, with him openly criticizing Wolfe and the show.


  • Danielle Colby’s statement in August 2021
  • Frank’s critical comments about Wolfe and the show

Fan Protests and Financial Troubles

Why Frank Fritz is no longer in American Pickers

“American Pickers” returned in January 2022 without Frank, leading to fan protests and calls for his return.

Meanwhile, reports surfaced in March 2022 that Frank was facing financial troubles, including owing back taxes.

An insider suggested that financial issues had strained his friendship with Mike Wolfe.


  • Show’s return in January 2022 without Fritz
  • Fan protests for his return
  • Financial troubles and back taxes
  • Strained friendship due to financial issues

A Turning Point: Health Crisis

is Frank Fritz Sick

In July 2022, the situation took a grave turn when Frank suffered a stroke.

This news, revealed by Mike Wolfe, brought the former co-hosts’ strained relationship into the public eye.

Frank’s health continued to be a concern, leading to a guardianship petition filed in October 2022 due to his impaired decision-making capacity.


  • Frank’s stroke in July 2022
  • Mike Wolfe’s public revelation
  • Continued health concerns
  • Guardianship petition in October 2022

Rumors of a Comeback and Reconciliation

Is Frank Making a Comeback on American Pickers

In early 2024, rumors suggested that the show might reconsider Frank’s firing.

However, it remained uncertain if he could return, given his health condition.

By the summer of 2024, reports emerged of a reunion between Mike Wolfe and Frank, hinting at a possible thaw in their relationship.


  • Rumors of reconsideration of Fritz’s firing in early 2024
  • Uncertainty about his return
  • Reunion between Mike and Frank in the summer 2024

The Current State


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As of August 2024, a friend of Frank’s mentioned that he had not fully recovered from his stroke but remained positive.

This showed that, despite the challenges, Frank’s spirit remained unbroken.

The feud between him and Mike Wolfe appeared to have subsided, with both focusing on their respective paths.


  • Frank’s ongoing recovery from the stroke
  • Positive outlook despite challenges
  • Subsided feud with Mike Wolfe

Fritz’s Impact on “American Pickers”

The impact Frank Fritz had on “American Pickers” is undeniable. His unique approach to picking, his humor, and his chemistry with co-host Mike Wolfe were key elements that attracted viewers.

Fritz’s knowledge of antiques and his knack for storytelling brought life to the items they found, connecting them to the broader tapestry of American history.

Key Aspects of Frank’s Impact:

  • Unique approach to antique picking
  • Humorous and engaging personality
  • Strong chemistry with co-host Mike Wolfe
  • Deep knowledge of antiques and their histories

The Fan Perspective: Reaction and Support

Are American Pickers Still On Air

Frank’s departure from “American Pickers” was met with disappointment and concern from fans.

Many viewers felt a strong connection to Fritz, seeing him as an integral part of the show’s charm.

The outpouring of support for Frank, especially after his health issues became public, highlighted the deep bond he had formed with the audience.

Fan Reactions:

  • Disappointment over Frank’s departure
  • Strong connection felt by viewers
  • Outpouring of support during health issues

The Reasons Behind the Departure

While health issues were a primary reason for Frank’s leave, there were other factors at play.

The rumors of financial troubles and the apparent strain in his relationship with Mike Wolfe suggest a more complex picture.

It’s essential to understand that in the world of television, many factors, including personal relationships and financial considerations, can influence such decisions.

Frank’s Legacy and the Future of “American Pickers”

Who is Frank Fritz From American Pickers

Fritz’s legacy on “American Pickers” is secure. He left an indelible mark on the show, and his contributions will always be a significant part of its history.

As for the future of the show, it continues to evolve, with Mike Wolfe and other cast members like Danielle Colby carrying the torch.

The show’s ability to adapt and change is a testament to its strength and appeal.


Did Frank Fritz have any previous experience in TV before joining “American Pickers”?

No, he did not have prior television experience before “American Pickers.” His expertise was in antique picking, which became the foundation for his role on the show.

Has Frank Fritz written any books or articles about antique picking?

Yes, he authored a book titled “American Pickers Guide to Picking,” sharing insights and experiences from his picking adventures.

What kind of items did Frank specialize in picking on the show?

He had a keen interest in vintage toys, old motorcycles, and classic cars, often focusing on these items during his picks on the show.

Did Frank’s health issues impact his ability to participate in the physical aspects of picking?

Yes, his back problems and other health issues made it increasingly difficult for him to engage in the physical aspects of picking, which require a lot of traveling, lifting, and digging.

Has Frank Fritz been involved in any charity work or public speaking events?

He has been involved in various charity events and public speaking, often sharing stories from his life and his experiences on “American Pickers.”

Are there any plans for Frank Fritz to return to television in any capacity?

As of now, there are no confirmed plans for him to return to television. His focus has been on his health and recovery since his departure from “American Pickers.”

Final Words

Frank Fritz’s journey on “American Pickers” has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows. His departure from the show marked the end of an era, but his legacy continues.

His eye for the unique, his humor, and his undeniable chemistry with Mike Wolfe made him an irreplaceable part of the show.

As fans, we can only wish him well and hope for his complete recovery. Frank’s story is a testament to the unpredictable nature of life and the resilience of the human spirit.

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